From October payment for Rink Fees, Bar purchases and any other products will have to purchased from your Club card account.

Q:    How do I pay rink fees for ‘Spoons’, ‘Seymour Weller’ & Roll ups?
A:    You must bring your Club card with you. Present this at the Steward’s desk (mornings only).
The Club card will be scanned, payment taken and receipt given.

Q:    How do I pay rink fees for ‘Leagues’?
A:    The ‘Skip’ for your team will put your details on the scorecard. Please make sure there is an initial and printed surname.
The details on the scorecards will be used by the office to debit your Club card.

Q:    What happens if my Club card does not have enough credit?
A:    The office can provide your card with a small overdraft to cover the payment.
You will be contacted to alert you to need to top up your Club card.

Q:    How do I top up my Club card?
A:    You will need to present your club card to the Steward’s desk or Bar.
Credit can be placed on the card by using your Debit card (preferred) or Cheque.

Q:    Can I request my Club card statement of use?
A:    Yes, please ask the office to provide a statement and it will be duly provided or placed in the post area for your collection.

Q:    I need a £1 coin for the coffee machine.
A:    The Office and Bar may be able to change £ notes to coins for you to use.

Q:    Can I redeem any tokens that have not used?
A:    Yes, they need to be returned to Ruth Barringer in the office.
Their value will be credited to your Club card at the net price paid for them,  previously using your card.


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