Fixtures 2018

Date Day H / A Format Details Time Dress
06-Jan-18 Sat HOME 4XR / 6XT Wantage 2.30pm W
07-Jan-18 Sun HOME 6XR Oakley 2.30pm W
09-Jan-18 Tues
10-Jan-18 Weds
13-Jan-18 Sat HOME 6XT Hungerford 2.30pm W
14-Jan-18 Sun AWAY 6XR Loddon Vale 2.00pm
16-Jan-18 Tues AWAY 6LR Wey Valley 2.30pm W
17-Jan-18 Weds
20-Jan-18 Sat HOME 6MR Berks CIBA  (Bannerette) 2.30pm W
21-Jan-18 Sun HOME 6MR Berks CIBA v Hampshire 2.30pm W
21-Jan-18 Sun AWAY 6XR Desborough 2.15pm W
23-Jan-18 Tues AWAY 6LT Camberley 2.15pm W
24-Jan-18 Weds HOME 6XR Berk’s MBA 2.30pm W
27-Jan-18 Sat
28-Jan-18 Sun AWAY 6XR Victory 2.30pm W
30-Jan-18 Tues
31-Jan-18 Weds HOME 6MR Berkshire VP’s 2.30pm W
03-Feb-18 Sat HOME 6XR Woolston 2.30pm W
04-Feb-18 Sun
06-Feb-18 Tues HOME 6LT Rivermead 2.30pm W
07-Feb-18 Weds HOME 6MR Berks CIBA v Oxfordshire 2.30pm W
10-Feb-18 Sat Donovan Cup
11-Feb-18 Sun
13-Feb-18 Tues
14-Feb-18 Weds HOME 4XT Probus v Hungerford BC (Plus Tea&Biscuits) 2.30pm W
17-Feb-18 Sat HOME 6MR Berks CIBA v Gloucestershire 2.30pm W
18-Feb-18 Sun HOME 6XR Thatcham 2.30pm W
20-Feb-18 Tues HOME 6XR Charity Spoon
21-Feb-18 Weds
24-Feb-18 Sat
24-Feb-18 Sat HOME 6MR Berks CIBA v Wiltshire 2.30pm W
25-Feb-18 Sun
26-Feb-18 Mon HOME 6XR WITNEY TOURISTS 1.00pm W
27-Feb-18 Tues
28-Feb-18 Weds Club Tour to Sunday 4th March inclusive
03-Mar-18 Sat HOME L Grace Cup
04-Mar-18 Sun AWAY 6XR Oxford City & County 2.30pm W
06-Mar-18 Tues
07-Mar-18 Weds HOME 6LT BWIBA v Wiltshire
09-Mar-18 Frid HOME 6LT/R Devon Ladies IBC 1.30PM W / Gr
10-Mar-18 Sat
11-Mar-18 Sun **MOTHERING SUNDAY ***
13-Mar-18 Tues AWAY 6LT Whiteknights 2.30pm W
14-Mar-18 Weds HOME 6LR BWIBA – Bannerette
16-Mar-18 Frid HOME 6XR Rushden IBC  (Tea & Biscuits) 1.30pm G
17-Mar-18 Sat HOME 6MR Berks CIBA ‘Inter Club Finals’ 2.30pm W
18-Mar-18 Sun
20-Mar-18 Tues
21-Mar-18 Weds
24-Mar-18 Sat AWAY 6XT Chawton Park 2.15pm W
25-Mar-18 Sun
27-Mar-18 Tues AWAY 6LT Rivermead 2.30pm W
27-Mar-18 Tues HOME 6MR Berks CIBA ‘County Finals’ 6.00pm W
28-Mar-18 Weds HOME 6XR Desborough 2.15pm W
29-Mar-18 Thurs HOME 6MR Berks CIBA ‘County Finals’ 6.00pm W
31-Mar-18 Sat
01-Apr-18 Sun EASTER
03-Apr-18 Tues
04-Apr-18 Weds
07-Apr-18 Sat Club Finals Week
08-Apr-18 Sun From 7th to 13th
10-Apr-18 Tues
11-Apr-18 Weds
13-Apr-18 Frid Club Finals Night
14-Apr-18 Sat
15-Apr-18 Sun
16-Apr-18 Mon BOWLS  AGM
17-Apr-18 Tues Summer Bowls

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