A diary of the fitting of the new Greengauge carpet at WBIBC

Day 1 – Monday 20th July 2020

Greengauge fitters Chris Moore, George and Casey arrive on site at 8.30 am prompt.

Quickly the panels of old carpet were separated by pulling out the stitching thread from one end of each panel. Carpet panels were separated, rolled up and put in the Dining Room. Members were then able to take away sections to carpet out sheds etc!

11.30 am: Where are the skips?

Next the old underlay panels are cut apart along the joining seams and rolled up.

Two skips eventually arrived mid-afternoon. The last job of Day 1 was to fill the skip at the main entrance with underlay.

Down to the bare boards. Surprisingly very little dust, considering the old Greengauge carpet had been down 20 years and the underlay 10 years.

Day 2

Boards are repaired where necessary but in good overall condition.

Removing old and fitting of new double gripper rods round inside of ditches. Tight side ditches left very little room to wield a hammer!

Loose laying out of Formula 1 underlay and taping of seams. Only just enough!

Leaf blower used to clean off underlay. Loose threads snipped off by Casey ready for the carpet which should have arrived today. You’ve sent it where? From Belgium to Greengauge Head Office in Scotland!

Day 3

10:30 am: Carpet arrived at WBIBC. Phew!

At the clock end of the green the first panel of carpet is laid out. Then the second panel is laid out on top of the first, edge to edge ready for stitching.

Once stitched the top panel is flipped over ready to lay the third panel on top of the second panel.

Day 4

Chris and George continued to stitch the carpet panels together. How many panels? A hard and precise job well executed.

Joe is on site to fit and glue down carpet to internal banks.

Day 5

Almost there!

All stitched and set in place so today is s-t-r-e-t-c-h day.

Tidying ditches and inserting new rubber infills

Measuring and marking out rinks

Tidying up – skips full

Job well done by the Greengauge fitters.

The fitting of the new carpet is part of the Club’s planned upgrade programme. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down but not stopped progress!

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