Just an update on our progress. . . 
We are still playing, some games are better than others, but  practice makes perfect. That is where the easy access to the coaches, extra coaching sessions and “roll ups” come in. We have, so far played in two summer leagues and are at present playing in the winter league as a “mixed triples” team. Belinda is also playing in a ladies triples team. During these matches we have played against other members, young and old, (oldest being 90 years young and the youngest under 20, some being even younger).  It is NOT as some people think a “senior citizens” game at all, but it is a friendly one. We play for exercise and fun.  Not to say that we do not like to win sometimes!
The social side is very good – we have had a Christmas Fayre, Christmas Carol Concert (with brass band), Jake Ward, singer and entertainer, and we’re looking forward to the Race Night and the Quiz. Being disabled myself (although I have said before that I do not class myself as so) the facilities that the club offers are superb and you are made very welcome and given every respect.
Bill and Belinda January 2024 – progressing, reasonably new bowlers

We played Indoor Bowls for the first time nearly five years ago when we attended a coaching course. We quickly got to know the people we were training with and after a while it seemed that we enjoyed it a little bit more every week. The existing members were also very friendly and keen to help us, and the skill level ranges from new starters right up to a few people who play in national competitions. The facilities are excellent, including a lounge bar where you can get a pint of beer or great value coffee.

We would encourage anyone of any age or fitness level to come along and have a go.

Jenny and Baden Morton

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